Jesus and John
Mark 1:9-13

The Meaning of Jesus
MARK 1:14-15

Jesus and the Leper
MARK 1:40-45

Jesus and the paralyzed
MARK 2:1-12

Jesus and the traitor/
the scandal of grace
MARK 2:13-17

Jesus is the new wine
MARK 2:18-22

JESUS IS THE end of Religion
MARK 2:23-28  |  3:1-6

jesus' Priority
MARK 3:7-21

jesus is the conqueror of satan & the creator of the new community
MARK 3:22-30

JESUS, the seed, and the four soils
MARK 4:1-20

JESUS and the upside down kingdom
Mark 4:21-34

Lord of the Demons
Mark 5:1-20

Lord over sickness and death
mark 5:21-43

The scandal of Jesus
Mark 6:1-13

the death of John
Mark 6:14-29

jesus feeds the 5000
MARK 6:30-44

dark hearts
MARK 8:1-21

MARK 8:22-30

something worth dying for
MARK 8:31-33

a faith generation
MARK 9:14-29

the death of God
MARK 9:30-37

servant king
MARK 9:38-50

creation, marriage, and the will of god
MARK 10:1-12

MARK 10:17-31

The upside down kingdom
MARK 10:32-45

Servant king
MARK 11:12-26

MARK 11:27-33

god & Caesar
MARK 12:13-17

Servant King
MARK 12:18-27

The Law of Love
MARK 12:28-34

final Words in the Temple
MARK 12:35-44

Servant King