The Mission of the Church

Introduction to the Book of Romans

Christian, You are Amazing
Romans 1:1

The Greatest Discovery of All
Romans 1:2-7

Something is Wrong with the World
Romans 1:8-17

Cosmic Plagiarism
Romans 1:18-23

The Gospel and Sex
Romans 1:26-27

The Gospel and Judging
Romans 2:1-11

The Circumcision of Christ
Romans 2:25-29

What Good is the Bible
Romans 3:1-8

Strong Medicine
Romans 3:9-20

Abraham & Justification by Faith
Romans 4:1-8

Spiritual Bankruptcy
Romans 4:13-17

The God of the Impossible
Romans 4:17b-23

Blessings for the People of God
Romans 5:1-5

God and his Enemies
Romans 5:6-11

The Last Adam
Romans 5:12-14